Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Focuses on enabling children to do the activities of daily life. A child has the “occupation” of learning. Our treatments are designed to improve cognitive, visual-perceptual, self-help, adaptive behavior and fine-motor skills. Occupational Therapists at Abbott & Burkhart Therapy address exceptional needs such as sensory processing/integrative disorders, developmental delays, autism, and behavioral disorders.

Physical Therapy

Prevents or alleviates movement dysfunction through a program tailored to the individual child. The goal of the individualized program may be to develop muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, endurance, alleviate pain, or to attain new motor skills.
Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Language is essential to communication and learning.  Language incorporates social rules that include what words mean, how to put words together in different word combinations to communicate not only an idea, but the force behind an idea (“Could you please open a window?” , “Open that window NOW!!”. Speech includes how a person uses the muscles of the mouth and the muscles of breathing to form sounds; how a person uses the vocal folds in conjunction with breathing to produce a sound, as well as the rhythm, or fluency, of speech sounds. Difficulties with language can occur in isolation, or can occur in conjunction with speech difficulties. An evaluation by a speech-language pathologist (SLP) at Abbott & Burkhart Therapy can provide strategies and solutions for resolving communication difficulties.

Early Intervention

Assists with reinforcing the home exercise programs taught by the therapist, when appropriate, to maximize the physical development of the child. An early interventionist addresses play skills, pragmatic skills, as well as global developmental skills. An early interventionist acts as a support system to the parents.

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