Who We Are

Abbott & Burkhart Therapy provides complete diagnostic and therapeutic services to children and adults with physical, cognitive, and linguistic impairments. With a multi-disciplinary team approach Abbott & Burkhart Therapy incorporates occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language pathology, and early intervention to help our clients succeed with necessary interventions. We are passionate and diligent in supporting our clients and guiding them through these professional programs which create positive outcomes and achievements.

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Serving Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties

Our Mission

To provide quality therapeutic intervention to maximize overall functional outcome, and to provide our clients with an opportunity to reach their age appropriate milestones.

Implementing Our Vision

Driven by respect and mutual determination for client success, Abbott & Burkhart Therapy elevates overall functional outcomes by:

  • Empowering clients with the educational tools and strategies required to appropriately address their therapeutic needs
  • Providing opportunities to integrate intervention techniques into daily life
  • Providing opportunities to deliver therapeutic intervention in the client’s native language

ABT Updates

Date posted: January 15, 2014

When Are Orthoses Appropriate?

Children of various medical backgrounds and history may be appropriate candidates for orthotic devices. Many varieties are available based on necessity and presentation of the child. The most common types seen with children are supramalleolar orthosis (SMO) or dynamic ankle foot orthosis (DAFO). Both are designed to fit into a shoe. The SMO comes up […]

Date posted: September 3, 2013

What is Normal Gait?

Many changes occur throughout the lower extremities as a child begins to develop and walk. What is the normal progression? One Year of Age: Begin walking with a wide base of support, knees face forward and flexed or may be slightly externally rotated (until age 5 or 6). The hips are abducted and externally rotated. […]

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